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Swimming – How to Swim the Breaststroke

As a swim coach, I always have a habit of imparting keys words to my students for their further swim. The purpose of key words is to remind them of the essential techniques they required to perform in further if they are not attending any more swimming lessons. Lifeguard certification In this way, their swim techniques will be maintained. For beginners, you may watch those swimmers swim to gain a better understanding on the techniques required. For breaststroke, what are the common keys words I use and I will explain in details.


In breaststroke kick, the main idea is try to kick widely as possible. The main purpose is to get the maximum force that the legs can exert propelling your body forward. If your leg kick is narrow, the swimmers tend to feel that their movement in water is slow and in some cases, they need to exert more force using their hands to enable them to breathe. With a well executed kick, you can breathe without using hands. Normally for children, I will instruct them to kick two times before proceeding to the next phase.


After a well executed kick, swimmers must be reminded to glide through the water. It gives the swimmers a chance to rest while gaining energy for the next kick. During this phase, hands and legs are supposed to be in streamlined position where hands and legs are closed together. It helps to reduce your body contact area with the water thus reducing the resistance. I always ask my student to count to three seconds before executing the next movement pull. During the counting, the students must exhale.


During this phase of pulling, legs must be closed together. Hands must be in mirror image. The pulling of the hands must be in a swift action to ensure strong resistance force is created to enable the swimmer to breathe and propel forward. For children, I always like to use big circle followed by clap hands near to your body to ensure the students understand what I mean.


During this breathing phase, the eyes should be looking in front and inhale using the mouth. I always see numerous swimmers using their mouth to inhale and exhale for breaststroke. It is an incorrect breathing technique. Hands should get prepared to move forward to catch the water.

With the four key words, my students have improved. Lifeguard certification I believe you are capable too. If resources permit, please do consult with a swimming coach to enjoy the feeling of swimming. Most importantly, have fun while swimming.

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