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A Prophetic Army is Coming

Paul the apostle taught that the best present turned into prophecy. Paul admonished us to covet the pleasant items. The gift of prophecy is alive and properly within the international as psychics and clairvoyants lead people off beam who line up with their money in search of path and happiness.

But regardless of what the arena is doing the Lord is elevating up an army of people talented in the prophetic. He is raising up human beings to walk into their streets and prophesy to strangers in the market. He wishes us to have profound moments with all the non Christians talking lifestyles and wish into their lives and their futures. This could now not be winning them to the Lord instantaneous however planting a totally huge seed of their lifestyles.

I run a prophetic web page at the internet that offers unfastened private prophecy at the net. Today as I despatched out 34 prophecy requests this week, i found an e-mail from and atheist who become looking for a few solutions for his existence off one in every of our human beings proficient inside the prophetic. My coronary heart turned into warmed with joy of the Lord. For that is the cause and my wish for my web site in the destiny that on someday we are able to put it up for sale the web page in a paper.

We all realize how extremely good the Lord Jesus changed into with the women on the nicely. It turned into Jacob’s nicely. He advised her how many husbands she had had. Request prophetic word And  her subsequent phrases have been that she perceived he was a prophet.

To those of you who are Pentecostal who have the gift of tongues, who need the gift of prophecy, I invite you to write to me and ask for me to pray in order to get hold of the gift of prophecy. Please just make the effort and come and get the present imparted off a prophet.

Why don’t you be a part of the army and exit and talk existence right into a hurting global. Humans want solutions, and in these instances of uncertainty they need something or a person that they could depend on. Shares and agencies are collapsing all over the place. Banks are failing and all way of factors are occurring in the global to make people doubt and worry the life that is beforehand of them. What if you may communicate existence and a destiny into their lifestyles?

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