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Bible Prophecy – How Important is it For Us Today?

Presently we likewise need to utilize rationale with regards to Bible translation, and in the event that we take a gander at the second mammoth of Revelation 13, we will see that it ascends out of the earth, instead of the ocean. So if the “ocean” signifies a position of numerous individuals, countries and tongues, similar to Europe, utilizing rationale we should find that the “earth” is the inverse and means a country that emerged from a wild, non populated territory, similar to America did.So as should be obvious, on the off chance that we utilize the Bible to decipher itself, at that point prophecy starts to open up to us and extraordinary things are uncovered. Yet, we should not overlook that God is a definitive wellspring of astuteness and we should consistently think about with a humble devoted soul and request that God uncover these things to us.

This is the way to translate and comprehend Bible prophecy for yourself.

Book of scriptures prophecy has an imperative task to carry out in our day today and all Christians ought to ponder the Word of God with an enthusiasm and want to get familiar with Jesus and His disclosure. I hear ordinarily from Christians saying that book of scriptures prophecy is too confused to even think about understanding and all I need is Jesus, so I’ll not try attempting to get it. Indeed, in the start of the book of Revelation is says that it is the ‘disclosure of Jesus Christ’. Would we not like to get some answers concerning His disclosure? The word of prophecy has been opened to us now in these last days and God has given us a comprehension of it, all things considered, what might be the purpose of God giving us prophecy in the good book on the off chance that He wasn’t going to uncover it to us? It would be futile, however fortunately He has uncovered reality with regards to it.

In the event that we take a gander at a prophecy that Jesus made Himself concerning the Jews, at that point we can perceive how significant it is for us to get it. In Matthew 24, Jesus forecasted that the city of Jerusalem would be annihilated. Destroyed, yet leveled, having not one stone left upon another. Jesus said that the Jews ought to escape to the mountains when they see the sign this is going to occur. Presently in AD70, the Roman armed force came against the city of Jerusalem, yet pulled back out of the blue. Presently a portion of the Jews considered this to be the sign to escape, Request personal Prophecy and they did, yet more than 1 MILLION Jews remained in the city, not paying attention to the Words of Jesus and the Roman armed force returned and wrecked the city as Jesus stated, not leaving one stone upon another. Those 1 MILLION Jews were murdered on the grounds that they didn’t regard the admonition in that prophecy of Jesus. Is book of scriptures prophecy significant – without question so!We have book of scriptures prophecy today which is supported up by hundreds and thousands of long stretches of history to approve it. Investigate what the witness Peter says in 2 Peter 1:19… ‘We have likewise an all the more sure word of prophecy; where unto ye do well that ye notice, as unto a light that shineth in a dull spot, until the day sunrise, and the day star emerge in your hearts.’….. We have to regard the word of book of scriptures prophecy as Peter says above. Why? Since we set ourselves in a place to be hoodwinked on the off chance that we don’t check out it. The adversary is meandering around looking for whom he can bamboozle, and you put yourself as an ideal objective for him, on the off chance that you don’t examine prophecy and regard what it says. Possibly you feel it is excessively muddled and you can’t get a handle on it. All things considered, trust in God and supplicate consistently before you go to His word and request intelligence and comprehension.

Don’t simply take some other people word as truth, yet contrast what you read and the holy book. God’s Word is the main word we can completely trust, so we should base all that we hear, see and read on the Word of God.


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