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Direct Auto Movers Review – My Experience With These Auto Movers

I expected to move my Ford F-150 Lightning from Texas to San Diego. So I called Direct Auto Movers and this is what occurred.

Above all else, I’ve been a transportation chief for more than 6 years, so I have involvement with different diverse delivery organizations. Most have been LTL, however. When I expected to move my truck I called my dealer and he prescribed Direct Auto Movers since he doesn’t manage auto moving. So I rang them and conversed with Bryan.

It didn’t take long for Bryan to get me a statement and after that by my unexpected my truck was really gotten the following day. We booked a period for it to get got and the driver was there precisely on schedule. He revealed to me 2:00 and that is the point at which it was. No issues up until now Read More San Diego Movers

I was flying in to San Diego three days after the fact and I needed my truck when I arrived. I disclosed to him when my flight landed and we planned to get together 2 hours after the fact just on the off chance that there were any postponements. Once more, he was on schedule. I took a taxi to get together at the parking garage and he began emptying the truck when I arrived. It took him around 15 minutes to do that.

Once more, being a transportation director, I’ve had approach to much involvement with harmed shipments and I was a little stressed over imprints or scratches. I investigated the truck and thank heavens, there were no scratches by any stretch of the imagination. Only a little winged creature crap. So I got it washed.

I needed to compose this audit since Bryan was so useful and respectful and I got my truck moved with no issues by any stretch of the imagination. I would prescribe Direct Auto Movers to anybody expecting to move their vehicle. I don’t think they were the least expensive, yet unquestionably worth the value I paid.

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